Raised January 6th 1761 In Kalbe from Swiss deserters in French service and sometimes called the Schweitzer Battalion. Chef was Major N. Heer for the entire existence of the unit. Consisted of three companies augmented later by a grenadier company which was captured near Grumbach and not reconstituted. The remainder of the battalion fought at Freiburg.

The uniforms was dark blue with light blue collar, cuffs lapels, waistcoat and breeches. Buttons of whitemetal in pairs on the lapels and cuffs with white plaited and tasseled loops attached. Red turnbacks and pocket piping. Light blue pompom on hat. NCOs silver buttons and lacing with Black/white pompom in hat. Officers coat had no turnbacks, silver lace and loops like NCOs, two plaited loops on coat pocket. Silver scalloped lace on hat
Grenadier company shown as wearing reversed colors with an Austrian style fur cap with red bag and white tassel and whitemetal plate with painted black heraldic eagle.

This plate appears inĀ 
Uniformology Book No. 23
Free Korps of the Seven Years War