Volunteer Jägers 
1st Foot Guards and 
1st West Prussian Infantry Regiment.

This plate shows two detachments that either ignored or were unable to conform to the dress regulations. The figure on the left was from one of several smaller detachments attached to the 1st Foot Guard Regiment. His Uniform shows a strong Austrian influence as his Prussian shako bears a sprig of oak leaves above the cockade in addition to the green cords and the Guard Star. His kollet has a red collar and shoulder straps but is piped down the front and round the top of the Swedish cuffs. His blue trousers with black knots on the thighs seem to also be of Austrian origin as are the short boots, both probably purchased. His equipment is black and he is armed with the Jägerbüchse M/1810 (Potsdamer Büchse)

The right hand figure shows a volunteer from a company of about 146 men attached to the 1st West Prussian Infantry Regiment No. 6. His shako is French and has no cockade but a yellow lace loop above which a short black hair plume is fitted. The shako has green cords. The kollet is piped in rose or pink cloth on the front and base of the collar, on the cuffs and outside edge of the flaps and the turnbacks. The white shoulder straps are curious in that they have a blanket stitched edge of pink twine (or tape). The significance of this is not known. He has gray trousers with a crimson stripe down the sides. His equipment is also black but he is armed with the Scharfschützen-Gewehr M/1787 

Both figures are after sketches and descriptions in The Prussian Army 1808-1815 by David ​
This plate appears in 
Uniformology Book No. 22
Uniforms of the War of Liberation
Volume II