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Welcome to the Uniformology Blog

by Bruce Powell on 01/23/20

Hello.  Now you can make comments, offer suggestions and ask questions right on the site. Please ....  no profanity, no ugly issues and no personal information you don't want broadcast!

This site is all about Military uniforms and their history

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1. BRUCE said on 1/30/20 - 11:12AM
So tell us what your favourite section on the website is and why?
2. David said on 1/30/20 - 12:33PM
Hello Bruce ! Thank you for all ! The new séries have a problem ?
3. pedro said on 1/30/20 - 01:04PM
A fantastic site. Please keep up this way. My favourite plates are those related to the British army. Congratulations and my best regards from Spain.
4. BRUCE said on 1/30/20 - 01:24PM
Hello David, I fixed the link so it should work. There are a couple of link issues still with the system (not me) which I think will be resolved soon.
5. David said on 1/30/20 - 01:45PM
Merci Bruce ! Toutes vos séries sont passionnantes. Une des dernières sur l'armée Autrichienne présentent un tireur d'élite avec un fusil "Girandoni", fusil a air comprimé. Superbe !
6. David said on 1/31/20 - 01:15AM
In the series "Austrian army 1792-1815", plate n ° 3 is entitled "Drummer" but it looks more like a "Flag bearer". is it a mistake ? Thank you Bruce, have a nice day.
7. BRUCE said on 1/31/20 - 10:43AM
Hi David, I fixed the title on plate no, 3. Still having a system problem with new pages
8. David said on 1/31/20 - 12:02PM
Ok ! Thank you Bruce !
9. Dave in Manchester UK said on 2/2/20 - 12:46PM
Hi Bruce, great site and great series on British cavalry especially the Lancers. The uniform research and illustration plates are top drawer stuff, cheers Dave
10. BRUCE said on 2/2/20 - 04:40PM
Thanks Dave. When I have finished with the Household Cavalry I will be starting on the Roayal Artillery and Royal Engineers
11. Mac said on 2/5/20 - 01:48AM
All the uniforms in ceremonial splendour. How about some attempts to show the appearance after a few months’ campaigning?
12. BRUCE said on 2/5/20 - 02:17PM
You have a good point Mac. Unfortunately, most of the 19th and 20th century artists depict uniforms that are pristine. One that shows uniforms that depict the rigours of campaigning is JOB and you can see his work on the NAPOLEON's ARMY Section.
13. David said on 2/7/20 - 12:15PM
Hello ! Il y a aussi Knötel qui représente des uniformes un peu usagés ou salis !
14. BRUCE said on 2/7/20 - 12:51PM
Yes, Knötel did produce plates showing the wear and tear of campaigning. I have the entitire collection and at some point, I will start putting them on the site.
15. David said on 2/7/20 - 02:08PM
Je parlais de Herbert Knötel, le fils. J'ai aussi une bonne partie des collections Knötel. Essentiellement sur l'époque Napoléonienne.
16. Stephen said on 2/16/20 - 03:26PM
Hi Bruce. I went looking for information on the British Household Cavalry and came across your site, and so glad I did. I have a few questions and hoping you can help me. I've noticed that with the 1871 Pattern helmet some are shiny silver and others are tarnished which I assume is because of the silver. How did Officers manage to clean the silver part without damaging all the gilt fittings? And with respect to the cuirass I read where Warrant Officers wear their aiguillette on the left side instead of the right, however do they wear the Officers Helmet as their title would suggest, or is it an Other Rank version?
17. BRUCE said on 2/17/20 - 07:46AM
Hi Stephen. The Officer's helmet was made of German Silver. The gilt fittings could all be removed, so an officer's servant (Batman) could clean it easily. Warrant officers and all NCOs (above Corporal until 1928) of the HC had less elaborate aiguillettes and indeed wore them on the left shoulder. Their helmets were the same as the ORs but made of steel. There is much more info on the Houshold Cavalry dection, which I will be updating this week.
18. Stephen said on 2/17/20 - 01:34PM
So they could remove the helmet plate, the plume holder, chin chain and bosses, and back strap from plume holder to neck guard? I've seen a Victorian 1871 Officers Helmet for the Life Guards combined with an Officers Cuirass however it has what appears to be the less elaborate aiguillettes on the left? Confusing?
19. Martin Tabony said on 2/17/20 - 02:57PM
In reply to 16 and 18. Presently Staff Corporal ans above wear officers pattern helmet. All called "Sir" by ranks below and "Corporal Major" by ranks above. The helmet is cleaned gently with liquid soap and thoroughly dried. Try not to remove the plates because the bent brass tabs will snap off. A deap clean is possible now and then, as long as you've got time for repairs if needed.
20. BRUCE said on 2/17/20 - 04:55PM
Spot on Martin. I believe that staff corporals did not wear officer pattern helmets in Victorian times.
21. Martin Tabony said on 2/17/20 - 07:11PM
Just looking at the badge collection. Can I just clarify. The LG and RHG/D regimental badges are worn on the beret and khaki SD cap. The Household Cavalry badge is worn by both regiments on the red and blue cap, the only difference being the small chin strap buttons.
22. Stephen said on 2/18/20 - 01:53AM
Thank you for the cleaning advice. However I still need to clarify: If it's a Victorian 1871 Pattern Officers Helmet with an Officers cuirass, and the aiguillettes are on the left, then what rank could that be? Thanks.
23. Martin Tabony said on 2/18/20 - 09:38AM
As far as I'm aware the Regimental Corporal Major has always worn an officer's helmet with an other ranks cuirass
24. David said on 3/1/20 - 08:13AM
Hello Bruce ! Merci (thanks) pour ces 2 séries qui se finissent en beauté ! Have a good day !
25. David said on 3/8/20 - 03:18PM
Hello Bruce ! There is a typo in the series "FRENCH CAVALRY UNIFORMS 1735-1757 ". This error concerns the regiment" La Rochefoucauld "and not" La Rouchefoculd ". Thank you, good evening.
26. BRUCE said on 3/15/20 - 12:08PM
Thanks David. I have fixed it and the spelling is now correct.
27. John said on 4/1/20 - 01:01PM
Bruce, Great website with so much top information your efforts are appreciated. Headress section 1953-1958 the title should read The Royal ULSTER Rifles as the name changed in 1922 from Irish to Ulster.
28. Michael Harding said on 4/4/20 - 05:11PM
When did British infantry sergeants' sashes change from crimson to scarlet, and why? I can't find the answers online or in my books on uniforms.
29. BRUCE said on 4/5/20 - 01:12PM
That's a good question Michael. I am not sure, but I have contacted a couple of my colleagues who probably have expertise on the subject and they will let me know.
30. Michael Harding said on 4/5/20 - 06:13PM
Thanks, Bruce. I'm looking forward to reading the result.
31. Mike Harvey said on 4/25/20 - 05:30PM
I was curious to know who wrote the section on British Army insignia 1880 specifically the Rifle Brigade section. How did they identify the pouch belt belt plate as being correct for that that date ?
32. BRUCE said on 4/26/20 - 04:00PM
The Insignia section was, in its entirety, a collaborative effort of experts. As always if anyone notices an error, we are delighted to correct it, should it be required.
33. Mike said on 4/26/20 - 04:35PM
Ok Bruce,the helmet plate is the correct one for the time. I've been trying to identify and date all of the Rifle Brigade pouch belt badges and date them.Any help with this would be most welcome.
34. BRUCE said on 4/27/20 - 12:33PM
Mike, We had access to a collection and the images were correct for the period. It is possible, the t the pouch badge became more like that of the KRRC in later years.
35. Martin Tabony said on 4/28/20 - 08:55AM
Bruce, excellent job on the H.Cav kit
36. mike clark said on 5/14/20 - 03:14PM
hi bruce really great site,especially the household cavalry and the lancers,i wonder if you have any thoughts on showing military buttons in there own right,i realise some buttons are shown,but would love to see a section just on buttons,thanks bruce keep up the great work.
37. BRUCE said on 5/16/20 - 12:04PM
Hi Mike sorry for the delay. We are coming up with a section on Other Ranks insignia which will include some buttons. However, a section on buttons could be a great idea. We will look into it.
38. DAVE said on 6/2/20 - 12:54AM
Hi Bruce - just viewed Prussian army 1840,s section. Do you know why the hussars reverted to wearing the mirliton cap and for how long, I thought it was last worn in early Napoleonic period, just curious, cheers Dave
39. BRUCE said on 6/2/20 - 10:33AM
Hi Dave - When the Prussian Army adopted the white helmet and tunic in 1843, the hussars, with the exception of the Guard Hussars exchanged their colpacks (Busbies) for the mireleton. In 1844 the 10th Hussars readopted the Colpack and the remaining regiments did so in 1850. They also adopted the frogged tunic (Attila) at that time.
40. BRUCE said on 6/2/20 - 11:41AM
correction for above .... I meant "Spiked" helmets ... not white helmets!
41. DAVE said on 6/3/20 - 12:03PM
Thanks Bruce must have been a short lived fashion throwback whim at the time
42. Andy Hodgetts said on 6/30/20 - 03:42PM
Good site. Ive just a couple of points on the Forage Caps to the Guards ( i served in the Grenadier Guards ). The WO1 forage cap is a Sgt's/Csgt Musicians cap. A WO1 forage cap has 5 rows of russia braid not 3. All the Gdsm forage caps are to Lcpl's too.
43. Diane Oldman said on 8/1/20 - 03:33AM
What a wonderful website for military researchers. I would like to use some images for my own websites: Crimean War Veterans WA, Royal Sappers and Miners WA and Redcoat Settlers WA. Is that possible provided I attribute the images to uniformology.com?
44. BRUCE said on 8/1/20 - 10:10AM
Hello Diana. Glad you like the site. Please use any images you want and you can attribute the images to Uniformology.com. Some images are thus attributed anyway. I'm planning a Crimean series next year, so you may want to stay in touch. email me anytime at uniformologist@gmail.com
45. DAVE said on 8/20/20 - 12:59PM
Hi Bruce another idea would be British Army cap badges, I collect the infantry pre 1881 versions which were worn on the glengarry head dress. There are some great designs and I think all were made of brass, but there is some colour/tone variation. My favourites are the 101st - 109th old Indian European regiments, just an idea cheers Dave
46. Mike said on 8/30/20 - 02:50PM
Hi Bruce,the badge section 1881-1888. The crossbelt plates for the Kings Royal Rifle Corps and Rifle Brigade are both incorrect. Those shown are both a lot earlier than 1880. 1855 for the RB and 1866 for KRRC at the least.
47. BRUCE said on 8/31/20 - 02:24PM
Thanks Mike. I will certainly look into that and fix it.Do you have any documentation for that? Where can I find info on the post 1881 crossbelt plates?
48. Mike said on 9/19/20 - 03:06PM
Sorry for the delay in replying Bruce. Been madly busy. A lot is guided by HM silver versions that can be dated. The museum will offer guidance too if you can get a reply from them. If you drop me an email at mikeharvey_211@hotmail.co.uk I'll forward you the correct images with further info.
49. Richard said on 9/19/20 - 05:25PM
I see you are starting on the Royal Artillery. When you get to "Equipment", you might include the postcard of the Royal Horse Artillery with their heliograph from TuckDB site here: Signallers with https://tuckdbpostcards.org/items/70149 Per the TuckDB site FAQ, the images there are public domain, though they do request attribution. Use the "Full Size Images" button at top right to pull the high resolution image (1033 x 1633 pixels, roughly).
50. BRUCE said on 9/20/20 - 11:41AM
Thank you Richard. I will certainly have a look at that site. If I use anything, I wll of course attribute it.
51. Pietro said on 10/17/20 - 03:18PM
Congrats for this marvellous website, can't stop coming backe here to check the differences between old and modern uniforms! Hope you will dedicate some time to the uniforms of British General Officers.
52. David said on 12/2/20 - 03:10AM
Hello Bruce ! You celebrated Trafalgar on October 21st. Why not celebrate the Battle of Austerlitz today? The famous battle of the 3 Emperors! Thanks for everything Bruce! Take care of yourself and your loved ones!
53. BRUCE said on 12/2/20 - 12:32PM
Hello David. I am actually putting together a section for battles of the week or month to go up sometime next year. Yes I do Trafalgar and Waterloo etc .... which is no surprise, being British!! Austerlitz is definitely one of the greatest battles in history.
54. Mick BEWSHEAR said on 1/13/21 - 05:43AM
Hi Bruce. First let me congratulate you on a first class site, It is second to none. Do you have any plans to add to the collection of The British Army 1881-1902, ie various Tunics, Headdress etc worn by the infantry during this period. Thanks Mick
55. David said on 1/26/21 - 03:55AM
Hello Bruce ! Who is the artist for "THE ARMY OF SAXONY 1842-1862" ? Thank you Bruce and thank you for all this work ! David.
56. BRUCE said on 1/27/21 - 09:44AM
Hello David, I have been trying to find out who the artist is. I have had this set for many years and the name of the artist has eluded me.
57. David said on 1/28/21 - 01:32AM
Hello Bruce ! Ok ! Thank you.
58. Mick BEWSHEAR said on 1/29/21 - 12:49AM
Hi Bruce. First let me congratulate you on a first class site, It is second to none. Do you have any plans to add to the collection of The British Army 1881-1902, ie various Tunics, Headdress etc worn by the infantry during this period. Thanks Mick
59. Mick BEWSHEAR said on 1/29/21 - 12:50AM
Hi Bruce. First let me congratulate you on a first class site, It is second to none. Do you have any plans to add to the collection of The British Army 1881-1902, ie various Tunics, Headdress etc worn by the infantry during this period. Thanks Mick
60. BRUCE said on 1/29/21 - 10:08AM
Hello Mick. Yes my plan (Should I live that long) is to do the entire British Army. After I have finished the RA I will be doing the RE. I will then start on the Guards. I'm doing them in the Order of Preference as per the Dress Regulations.
61. Mick BEWSHEAR said on 1/30/21 - 12:42AM
Thanks Bruce. Will look forward to all the sections. There is plenty of time. You've got years in you yet. All the best Mick
62. Mac maloney said on 2/1/21 - 11:43AM
I’m patiently awaiting for the last two sections on the Victorian British hussars, namely drum-horse furniture etc. Invaluable site; congratulations. I refer to it all the time.
63. BRUCE said on 2/1/21 - 01:00PM
Hello Mac, Well thank you for reminding me. When I left off the Hussar section to do other things, I had been looking for some other references for Drum Horse Horse Furniture and other items. I still have to do some work on it. But I wont be able to do that until about April.
64. BRUCE said on 2/1/21 - 01:01PM
Hello Mac, Well thank you for reminding me. When I left off the Hussar section to do other things, I had been looking for some other references for Drum Horse Horse Furniture and other items. I still have to do some work on it. But I wont be able to do that until about April.
65. Andy said on 2/7/21 - 10:37AM
On the Guards Forage Caps, your still showing a Sgt's Musicians Forage Cap as a Warrant Officers ? Andy
66. BRUCE said on 2/8/21 - 10:17AM
Hello Andy, Musicians in all four Guards regiments wore the Warrant Officer & 1st Class Sergeants cap until 1904. Drummers still wore the pillbox, replaced by Broderick in 1901.
67. Andy said on 2/14/21 - 02:34PM
Under the heading of " NO. 1, NO. 2 DRESS CAPS & BERETS " you are showing a Sergeants Musicians forage cap under the heading of Warrant Officers.
68. Andy said on 2/14/21 - 07:38PM
The Guards didn't wear the Broderick cap, they wore the peak less forage cap. Its totally different to the Broderick cap, by the way its made.
69. BRUCE said on 2/15/21 - 12:05PM
You are quite right Andy. The actual description was "Guards Pattern Forage Cap". The Scots Guards were issued with it first, but the newly formed Irish Guards were the first to wear it throughout the regiment. As for the Warrant Officers cap you referred to, I will correct it. I checked with Gary Gibb's excellent articles on the Guards in Military Modelling.
70. Ron Marshall said on 2/17/21 - 02:28PM
First - Great Site. I was directed here because a friend said you sold cd's with prints is this true? Thank you
71. BRUCE said on 2/17/21 - 08:51PM
Hello Ron, Thanks for your comments. I used to sell CDs a couple of years ago. The new way is to create a "WeTransfer" file and send a link. I am trying to figure out how to do this in a way that makes sense. Send me an email at Uniformologist@gmail.com and I'll keep you posted.
72. Mattia Solari said on 3/1/21 - 02:24PM
Good evening! I am writing to you from Italy, I came across your beautiful site and saw the page relating to the uniforms of the Republic of Genoa in 1746, unfortunately I saw that the beautiful design that was made is the result of Quinto Cenni's research, which is now very exceeded. I myself have done research in the ancient archive of the Republic and would be happy to help you update the research. Thanks for the attention. Mattia Solari
73. BRUCE said on 3/3/21 - 10:19AM
Hello Mattia. Thanks for your comments. As you are probably aware, the study of military uniforms is full of pitfalls when it comes to sources and evidence for the dress and accoutrements that soldiers wore in the past. Quinto Cenni, as you know, was one of the most prolific military artists in history and his work is revered. Was he always correct? I suspect not. So we do our best when we recreate uniforms on canvas. If you have more accurate information, please let me know. the email is uniformologist@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you.
74. David said on 3/15/21 - 10:29AM
Hello Bruce. The série about "THE ITALIAN ARMY 1860-1900" by Quinto Cenni is finished ? Thank you. Thank you for all Bruce. David.
75. BRUCE said on 3/15/21 - 04:59PM
Hello David. No, its not nearly finished. I will be putting up more plates within the nexy couple of weeks
76. David said on 3/16/21 - 02:00AM
Hello Bruce. Thank you for this quick response. And once again thank you for all this work, it's fascinating. Looking forward to chat with you. David.
77. Clive said on 4/12/21 - 04:46PM
Bruce great photo of HRH Price Phillip and very fitting for this site
78. David said on 5/3/21 - 07:53AM
Hello Bruce ! hope all is well for you in these difficult times. Take care of yourself and yours. Thank you for all ! David.
79. David said on 5/7/21 - 03:23AM
Hello Bruce. Thank you for this new plates on the Saxony army. On the plate "officer of horse artillery" a inscription "coming next artillery & cavalry" is present. Thank you for all Bruce. David.
80. BRUCE said on 5/7/21 - 10:36AM
Thanks David! I have fixed that.
81. David said on 5/8/21 - 03:50AM
It's all right ! Thank you Bruce !
82. Héctor F. said on 5/20/21 - 08:00PM
Hi,You have information about the Mexican army?
83. Christopher Joll said on 6/27/21 - 06:22AM
Hi, Bruce: Love the site but, as Regimental Historian of the Household Cavalry, I must point out three errors: (1) The officers' helmet plumes of 1 & 2 LG and then The Life Guards (from 1922) were (until about 1970) made of shredded whalebone, not horsehair (as currently).(2) The officers' plumes for the Royal Horse Guards (and now The Blues and Royals) were and still are made of dyed yak hair. (3) The Frock Coats of 1 & 2 LG (now The Life Guards), were distinctively different (and still are) to those of the Royal Horse Guards (now The Blues and Royals) as to lacing on the sleeves and braiding on the coat. Dress Regulations 1900 differs on all three points, but practice was (as often happened) different to the regs!
84. BRUCE said on 6/27/21 - 01:02PM
Hello Christopher: Thanks for your input. I had no idea (as I suspect most people did) that shredded whalebone was used for the officers plumes. I will duly amend the text to reflect this (along with the Yak hair!). As for the frock coats; I had been told this but I have not seen any reliable examples to illustrate. If you have some I would be delighted to make the changes. My email is uniformologist@gmail.com Please contact me if you wish to discuss more.
85. unknown said on 9/14/21 - 05:15AM
THE ROYAL SWEDISH ARMY and NAVY 1856 Page 2 Pictures 16 to 23 ???
86. unknown said on 9/14/21 - 05:58AM
87. BRUCE said on 9/14/21 - 10:06AM
Thanks Unknown. Sometimes images go "walkabout" on this platform ... I don't know why but I think I fixed it on the Swedish section. I will fix the other link later in the week.
88. unknown said on 9/14/21 - 10:42AM
LIFE-GUARD GRENADIER REGIMENT PAVLOVSKI 1790-1895 Search for Uniforms or Subjects by Nation or Artist ???
89. unknown said on 9/14/21 - 11:14AM
LIFE-GUARD GRENADIER REGIMENT PAVLOVSKI 1790-1895 Page 1 ; Pictures 1 to 8 Page 2 ; Pictures 12 to 17 Pictures 9 , 10 , 11 ???
90. edward said on 11/26/21 - 03:31PM
Where can I find out about the 1910 suffolk regiment uniform regulations and pictures etc?
91. Ian Kelly said on 12/10/21 - 06:30AM
Hi Bruce, your website is a great source of information. From my 24 years British military service and 31 years experience as a militaria dealer and I offer the following comments to help improve it still further: On page http://www.uniformology.com/HD-08.html - the 10th Gurkha Rifles has the wrong cap badge on it. For just the beret, they had a smaller version of the badge with no scroll - see picture - https://www.kellybadges.co.uk/pictures/L1G286.jpg
92. Ian Kelly said on 12/10/21 - 06:32AM
On page http://www.uniformology.com/HD-08.html - Parachute Regiment officers never wore wire embroidered badges on berets - they could wear the same badge as their soldiers, or often had better-quality hall-marked silver or silver-plated beret badges. This is unfortunately a fantasy piece. The SAS brown tactical badge is also a fantasy piece - it was never worn.
93. Ian Kelly said on 12/10/21 - 06:34AM
On page http://www.uniformology.com/HD-07.html the King's Regiment Officers side hat has the wrong badge (I was an officer in this regiment). The dark green circular badge backing was worn by Other Ranks (Enlisted Men) with a Staybrite metal cap badge. Officers had the following badge with dark green backcloth sewn directly onto the maroon sidecap (your badge appears to have a red backcloth, which is incorrect) - here is a link to the correct badge - https://www.kellybadges.co.uk/pictures/L2D506.jpg The Royal Irish Rangers beret is for a different regiment and should be re-titled 'Ulster Defence Regiment (officers)'. On your Gordon Highlanders Tam o'Shanter, the tartan backing is incorrect - the yellow lines should cross diagonally like this - https://www.kellybadges.co.uk/pictures/E1C542.jpg
94. Ian Kelly said on 12/10/21 - 06:35AM
On page http://www.uniformology.com/HD-09.html the Army Education Corps should be correctly titled 'Royal Army Educational Corps'.
95. BRUCE said on 12/11/21 - 01:38PM
Ian, thank you so much for your comments. I have purchased quite a few badges from you over the years. I will make the neccessary changes and corrections over the next few weeks. As you probably know; however much you diligently research your subject, not all the information you glean is correct. The beauty of a website like this is that one CAN correct things (Something you can't do with a printed book) Thanks again
96. David said on 1/7/22 - 01:29AM
Hello Bruce and very happy new year ! Just a question Bruce ! The serie about Italian Army (1860-1900) is finished ? Thank you for all Bruce. David.
97. BRUCE said on 1/7/22 - 03:57PM
Hello David and a Happy NewYear to you too. The Italian Army by Cenni is not finished at all. I have just taken a break from it to do other projects. It will return in late January.
98. David. said on 1/8/22 - 04:33AM
Hello Bruce. Ok, thank you !
99. unknown said on 3/9/22 - 10:24AM
Please where is : " LIFE-GUARD GRENADIER REGIMENT PAVLOVSKI 1790-1895 " on " Search for Uniforms or Subjects by Nation or Artist " ???
100. BRUCE Bassett-Powell said on 3/13/22 - 02:37PM
All the images are clearly on the site. I have tried with google and with Safari and all images are there. Perhaps you need to change browsers.
101. unknown said on 3/13/22 - 06:57PM
Thank you for your reply . You are right and I apologize "The Pavlovski Grenadiers 1789-1886" is in RUSSIA "Search for Uniforms or Subjects by Nation or Artist", but still without images 9, 10, 11. Please receive my best regards.
102. David Rowson said on 3/17/22 - 11:50AM
Hello can you help me with a figure painting project set in the Sikh Wars namely the battle of Aliwal artwork from around that time show no cap covers apart from one which show a mixture, yet modern art shows cap covers, as the the figures I have do not show cover, Can you, will you please aid me with an answer. Thank you
103. BRUCE Bassett-Powell said on 3/21/22 - 10:36AM
Hello David, I believe I answered your question fully in an email sent to you a couple of days ago. Most modern military historians agree that other ranks of the 16th Lancers DID wear white cap covers at Aliwal.
104. Bill said on 4/5/22 - 08:16PM
5 Apr 2022 Bruce Excellent Web Site. I'm glad that you took the time to upload all those old uniform prints and especially all the booklets published by Moritz Ruhl in the late 1800's.early 1900's. May I suggest that you do the same with his "Die Orden Und Ehrenzeichen Der Deutschen Statten" Series. I am aware of four booklets in this series -- Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony and Russia -- but undoubtedly there are more than that.
105. BRUCE said on 4/11/22 - 12:40PM
Thanks fort the kind words, Bill. I have looked for a copy of "Die Orden Und Ehrenzeichen Der Deutschen Statten" and found a few. Many of them are available on ABE Books. Pretty pricey too. I will have to check it out.
106. David said on 8/2/22 - 03:27AM
Hello Bruce. I just read your message regarding your health. I hope all is well for you and your family. Take good care of yourself. Looking forward to reading you. David.
107. Michael Harding said on 8/3/22 - 05:36AM
You've no need to apologise, Bruce; get well soon. A mystery I've been unable to solve: Why did the 21st Hussars become a lancer regiment in 1897?
108. Gary M Wheble said on 5/6/23 - 04:44AM
Two things as an ex Gunner you have the Artillery Rank system wrong .a Sargent is three tapes with a gun above a Staff Sargent is three tapes a gun with a crown above . There is no lance Sargent .A Bombardier is two tapes a A Lance Bombardier is one tape A Gunner is no tapes but in some Regerments a Senior Gunner of Three years or more who has a good standing may wear a Layers with class one if in Mounted or dismounted it's a metal Silver in No2s and working dress it's white on karki . This is also awarded to Gunners who have past there Promotions test and are weighting for the opening for promotion as you may know promotion in the British Army is through dead man's shoes due to how the ranking system works
109. James R Lees said on 5/10/23 - 10:24AM
With regards to the full-dress uniform epaulette of the 1st Royal Dragoons the titles in yellow on red should read 1 over RD and not just 1 over D. We have a full-dress uniform in the Household Cavalry museum, which has these titles. Jim Lees ex Royal Dragoons & Museum Volunteer
110. Bruce Bassett-Powell said on 6/20/23 - 11:18AM
Check out the New section on the Late Victorian Army - The Royal Engineers
111. JohnKimberton said on 8/12/23 - 01:59AM
Thanks to all the uniforms, i can use them as for a roleplay in this platform game called Roblox. Thanks Pals to all who created this website!
112. Joshua Wilson said on 9/28/23 - 11:35AM
I want to express my profound gratitude for the outstanding 1881-1902 British Army uniform and accoutrement illustrations you've provided. These illustrations are incredibly comprehensive and meticulously detailed. In fact, I have not come across any other illustrations on the internet that even remotely compare to the quality of Bruce Bassett-Powell's work, particularly when it comes to the British Cavalry illustrations. As John Kimberton mentioned earlier, I too find these resources invaluable for my Roblox projects. The level of detail invested in these illustrations is truly exceptional and has made the process of Roblox developing and commissioning with developers immeasurably easier. Thank you once again for this invaluable resource.
113. Joshua Wilson said on 9/28/23 - 11:45AM
… I'm also very excited for the Grenadier Guard illustrations coming in January.
114. David Inglis said on 11/4/23 - 04:52AM
http://www.uniformology.com/HUSSARS-04.html Next Link at the bottom of the page not working !
115. Brec Ross said on 1/7/24 - 09:05AM
Hello! This is a splendid website for militaria resources you have here. I was wondering are you going to do uniforms of the Irish, Rhodesian, South African and Singapore Armies from colonial to the modern era?

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