Moritz Rühl was a German lithographer and publisher based in Leipzig, Germany (Formally Saxony). Using various artists his company produced a great number of pocket sized depictions of military uniforms of the world.  Published primarily between the 1890s and up to 1942 his works became very popular. Uniformology has a large number of his publications which we will reproduce here over the next few months. 

It should be noted that these prints were originally very small .. almost postcard size 
so quality reproduction of enlarged images can vary
2. Uniforms of the Austro-Hungarian Army 1914
1. Uniforms of the Belgian Army 1900
  3. Uniforms of the French Army 1913
  4. Uniforms of the Imperial German Army 1900-1908
 5. Uniforms of the Imperial German Schutztruppen
 6. Uniforms of the Balkan Armies 1900
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 7. Uniforms of the Spanish Army 1895
 8. Uniforms of the Italian Army 1895-1900
 9. Uniforms of the Imperial Russian Army 1890-1908
10. Uniforms of the Imperial Russian Army in the Field 1914
11. Uniforms of the United States Army 1882-1903
12. Uniforms of the United States Army 1913
13. Uniforms of the Austro-Hungarian Army & Navy 1888-1895
  14. Field Grey Uniforms of the Imperial German Army 1914
  15. Imperial German Army Badges, Insignia & Flags 1910-1914
  16. Imperial Japanese Army 1900
  17. Imperial Chinese Army 1910
  18. Schematics of the Uniforms of the Imperial German Army 1908
  19. Horizon Blue Uniforms of the French Army 1915
  20. Service Uniforms of the Italian Army 1915
  21. Uniforms of the Norwegian Army 1939
  22. Uniforms of the Swiss Guard & Papal Knights