From 1793 until 1815 one of the greatest struggles in history took place in Europe and around the world.  For the last fifteen years of this conflict, events were dominated by the man who created and led one of the most formidable military machines in history and the man for whom the war was named - Napoleon Bonaparte. 
The armies he commanded wore some of the most magnificent and iconic uniforms in history.  For a hundred years or more after the war, a host of military illustrators produced  thousands of images of these uniforms, many of which inspire and influence illustrators and artists to this day. They bear names that aficionados of the Napoleonic Wars know well;

Bucquoy, Bellange, Marbot, JOB, Vernet, Detaille, Taconville, Leinhert and Humbert along with Knötel and many more.

We will display the work of these artists in this section organized by branch.  Uniformology has thousands of these images and it will take time to upload them onto the site. We hope you will enjoy the process of doing this and be inspired anew by the work of these great military iconographers.