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Headdress Badges of the British Army 
New Badges Issued 
between 1993 & 2010
A new Defence White Paper of 1991 entitled "Options for Change" was adopted the next year. It further contracted the British Army into fewer cavalry regiments, infantry battalions and other corps. The old departmental structure was shaken up by the creation of the Royal Logistics Corps and The Adjutant General's Corps both of which streamlined army supply and administration functions.  The latter two moves were accepted far more readily than the reductions in the cavalry and infantry.

Within 10 years, another Defence White Paper recommended further reductions in Infantry battalions bringing about a new round of amalgamations thus nearly erasing what little remained of any regimental identities.

The plate below shows the new badges adopted by the new regiments during the periods described above. The Kings, Royal Irish and Queen's Lancashire made changes to their existing badges after 1993 which are shown here.